Menzil: 3 Km
Türü: Uzaktan Kumanda

Bu uzun mesafeli uzaktan kumanda ile her boyuttaki projeye profesyonel, lisanssız uzaktan kumanda ekleyin.


Large-scale sites such as shopping centers, industrial complexes, college campuses, and multi-unit housing complexes require high-powered remotes that can cover long distances. The Roam XL is as powerful as they come and features a simple user interface with 128 different programmable addresses. Within line of sight, it can function up to 3 km from the controller. The compact, high-powered remote is a single unit that can be carried from job to job and used to remotely access any Hunter controller that has a SmartPort connector. It eliminates the need to physically visit the controller to start or stop a cycle during maintenance, installation or winterization.

  • Compatibility with Hunter X-Core™, X2™, Pro-C™, HPC, ICC2, HCC, I-Core™, ACC, and ACC2 controllers provides remote operation for a wide variety of landscapes
  • Manually start individual stations or programs for quick maintenance checks and troubleshooting
  • 128 programmable addresses available prevents cross-communication between multiple remotes within close proximity of each other
  • Programmable run times from 1 to 90 minutes, which will not overwrite regular automatic programming
  • Manual operation up to 240 stations provides flexibility for larger projects
  • Rugged and water-resistant transmitter includes a large LCD display with simple push-button operation and a battery-life indicator
  • Çalışma Özellikleri
    • Menzil: Vericiden alıcıya 3 km (doğrudan görüş)
    • Verici güç kaynağı: 4 x AAA pil dahildir
    • Alıcı güç kaynağı: 24 VAC, 0.010 A
    • Sistem çalıştırma frekansı: 27 MHz
    • SmartPort™ kurulumu: konttrol cihazından maksimum 15 m
    • FCC approved (not available in EU and some other countries, check local regulations)
    • Garanti süresi: 3 yıl